Your real-estate broker, your precious ally

Selling a house is probably one of the most important transactions of a lifetime. It is essential to surround yourself with experts who can advise you adequately and take care of all the details to make this step a success. You are sometimes encouraged to sell your house without professional help. However, remember that real-estate brokers have the perfect knowledge of laws and regulations. They guarantee peace of mind throughout the transaction.

They Know The Market

Real-estate brokers have chosen their profession. Therefore, they have excellent knowledge of the market, follow training courses, document themselves and do all necessary research to ensure they stay abreast of any changes or modifications that could affect their industry.

On the lookout for trends, real-estate brokers know how to highlight the elements of your property that will appeal to the buyers’ market. It helps sell your home quickly and at the desired price.

Rather than setting an approximate selling price, real-estate brokers will compare several factors that come into play. They will study the house’s area, the sale and purchase price of similar properties and, above all, take time to listen to you to establish a realistic price that you will be comfortable with while remaining competitive and attractive on the market.

They Use The Right Tools

From the moment you entrust the sale of your property to Équipe Lacroix, our team takes care of everything to give your home the visibility it needs. A team will come to your house to take professional photos. Afterwards, the sales sheet is prepared and distributed on several platforms, reserved for the real estate world. Your property will, therefore, be on MLS, in addition to Équipe Lacroix’s website and social networks. Your house could also be on Barnes’ website (exclusively reserved for high-end homes) if it meets Barnes’ criteria.

With real-estate brokers, tools are numerous and appropriate to offer all the visibility required to sell your property within a reasonable time.


They Know Real Estate Laws

Real-estate brokers must comply with the Real Estate Brokerage Act. It requires them to disclose all information they have, accurately and precisely, regarding all properties they are responsible for the sale. You will always have the right information about all properties.

Real-estate brokers are also responsible for analyzing, presenting and writing offers and counteroffers for your house. They will advise you as accurately as possible and negotiate in your favour the various elements related to your property’s sale. Buyers’ visits will also be under their responsibility; no need to worry about them!


Always By Your Side!

Real-estate brokers will always be by your side. They advise you every step of the way, whether it is for visits, sale price, counteroffer, inspection or visit to the notary. They are trained professionals and simplify a property’s sale or purchase.

Buyers feel more confident when dealing with real-estate brokers. Because of their knowledge, buyers know the transaction will go smoothly. They are also protected for this significant investment, which also represents a severe advantage for the seller.

Équipe Lacroix offers you a human service and personalized support throughout the selling or buying your property’s process, giving you the ultimate peace of mind. Do not hesitate to call us and use our services!


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