The new 2020 trends

New Year often rhymes with resolutions and renewal. We usually set ourselves some goals that we will keep…or not! What if, for 2020, we create decor we like, where we want to feel good? To give ourselves a little help, we rely on those who define and mark these trends: the decoration experts. They tell us what we will find in our homes in 2020.


Fashionable Colours, Textures And Finishes


They are warm and enveloping. They make us want to spend whole days in the “cocooning” mode. The new 2020 colours can be used in the house’s every room, both as accent colours and as secondary accessories. We will love to play with ochre yellow, burnt orange, eggplant, green in all its palette, pink, and pastel colours.


If we thought it was outdated and losing momentum, blue is making a comeback on our walls, to our great delight. Pantone recently revealed its colour of the year, Classic Blue. Reminding us of the calm and soothing of the sea, the first colour of this new decade allows us to create elegant and sought-after decorations, in addition to being perfect on an accent wall!

In 2020, we dare contrasts. We mix styles and textures with ease. We are leaving behind the sleek and uncluttered trend; we add some curves to it. Decorating in imperfection mode will result in mismatched drawer handles, cushions that look opposed, and undulations on walls, mirrors, carpets, and floors. This new style will also replace the chevron pattern, which has been very popular over the last five years. We want waves and movement to replace straight and pure lines. Remember that curves will bring softness and visual comfort to your decorations.


Finally, with the environmental trend, we are opting for old objects recovery. Give a second life to decorative objects from previous generations, and go to flea markets to find unique pieces that are (once again) popular. Do not be afraid to mix the new and the old; it will create a unique and up-to-date decor.


New Housing Trends

This year, we are taking our inspiration from Europe. We position our elements, furniture and accessories closer to the ground. As we have seen for some time on the old continent, we will be favouring armchairs with wide seats, and chairs with small backs. We want to create an imaginary skyline in the last third of our wall and align our furniture with it. Even the coffee table and the floor lamp will maintain proximity to the floor. We also give priority to narrow and low consoles on legs. We install frames and decorations halfway up our walls.

Wood, this timeless material, remains present in our homes. Floors, cabinet doors and wall coverings, it is used in a variety of ways without ever compromising a room’s look. It is preferred with a natural look, without any paint or varnish.

Even our kitchen would reflect the styles’ mix. We dare different colours and textures—no need to opt for two-tone kitchen cabinets anymore. We mix materials, colours and materials to create a warm and personalized decor.

In 2020, terrazzo is no longer just an industrial and commercial thing. It is now part of our homes. This unique pattern of stones, melting into a mass, always brings depth to decorations. Used on the floor, on the wall and even on furniture, it is available in a wide range of shades. Would you like to integrate this rather-expensive covering into your decor? Know that many porcelains now offer finishes that imitate real terrazzo, at a fraction of the price.

We also move away from the industrial style, which has been all the rage in recent years. It is now time to return to a natural look. If you are disappointed to see this trend disappear, you can bring it back by opting for a black faucet with a brushed finish, or by judiciously integrating steel into your décor, for a stylish effect; guaranteed!


In short, it can be exciting to get inspired and follow trends. However, know that what will always be trendy is a room entirely designed to meet your needs, not those of decorating magazines.


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